Bad Me

Posted in WoW on November 8, 2011 by Tabathine

Hi site, and if you’re out there, readers. I’ve been terribibble with my blogging, and I should be punished, I know, as I promised 2 posts ago (although I would hardly count my last post) that I would not not post as infrequiently as I have not posted. Does that make sense? Anywhoo, I’m not going to put mysel in that box again, but I am going to try and be a better blogger.

Firelands have come, and with it, a shitload of dailies. Double that and I end up spending a huge chunk of my time doing the same quests over and over and over and over. On nights that I don’t work, and therefor can stay up all hours, I’ll wait until around 1am my time, then rush to knock out them all on both Tabathine and Davinna. Then reset hits at 2am, and I do them all over. /sigh, I sooooo hope it’s going to be worth it when I can unlock those vendors. Taba is doing them soley for the two pets, and Davi because she is the dutiful raider, and apparently they unlock epic gear. I sure as hell hope that’s true. One thing I’ve learned is that killing monsters with insane health pools is NOT easy for a resto druid. I usually end up waiting around for someone else to do their dailies, and then dot whatetever they are killing.

I’ll be back, not sure when, but I will be.

Post note: I forgot to actually publish this, so the date is wrong. I think this is late August.


Two Words

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I’m Drunk

Blogging Again

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I’ve been bad. Very vary bad. Well, Blog wise that is. It’s not been one month, not two months, but three whole months since I last posted. It’s already March. The bunny season. SPRING. WTF is happening to 2011?

Anywhoo, although I did take a break from blogging, I did not take a freak from WoW, well, except for a week in Feburary, but that was because I lacked internet. Oh, and I was in Vegas. More on that later.

So firstly, a recap of how my last 3 months have been, if you at all care about the irl Tabathine. Continue reading

A WoW Crossword? Awesomesauce!

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Taking a break from blogging for Christmas. I didn’t want to leave you with NOTHING, so I leave you with this, which I found on another WordPress bloggers site awhile back. I haven’t actually started it myself, as atm I lack a printer, but in less than 24 hours I will be back home visiting my parents and will use theirs. I love that I am actually familiar with the clues in this one, and it looks challenging, but fun. Enjoy! Click here for two very awesome crossword puzzles. Or go to this site:

Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!

Ding! The Holiday Season Has Finally Hit WoW!

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I have spent the last week leveing Tabathine through all the different zone, prefering Mt Hyjal to Vashir, and going the Uldum rount instead of the Twilight Zone rout, even though Uldum was a PvP warzone.I had organized a little contest in my guild, with those wishing to participate entering 50g, which would go to the winner. I then made 2nd place a ‘Bag of interesting expensive junk’ and 3rd simply a ‘bag of interesting junk’ First place went Continue reading

Cata Day One Picture Post!

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This is my first expansion for World of Warcraft, and I was really fricken excited. I had purchased the Digital copy, and was one of the hundreds (thousands, more likely, on my server) that was waiting in-game for Cata to arrive, watching that clock tick down. Or I guess up. Whatever way, I was there. And here is my Picture Post of how things went for me:

12:01 am CATA!!!!!!! Ok, so Blizz actually announced Cata being open at I think 12:03, and the screen shot is timed, at 12:02, but I paused the chats at 12:01. I don’t know what I was thinking, being up by the Flight Master area. The lag was terribibble.


Then we all had to log off and log back on. Oh joy. That took a good 20 minutes of continuous D’Cing and loading screens and general frustration, but I had a ton of snacks by my side, was dressed nice and cozy, and was mentally prepared for that, so all in all not too bad. Continue reading

To Baby Moonkin, Or Not To Baby Moonkin

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So Blizz came out with the Baby Moonkin Hatchling. I know you have all seen it. Its huge googly eyes. Its cute little moonkin dance. Its pint sized bundle of cuteness. Oh, and its $10.00 price tag. Thats whats stopping me. I am a WoW pet collector, Taba currently has 77 of the vanity pets, all of which I collected in-game, except for the Core Hound Pup which you get with the authenticator. And Davinna is a Druid, with the potential to become a Moonkin (atm she is spec’ed Resto, but her dual spec is blank). But see, there is a line I drew in some virtual sand that said I would not cross when I started playing WoW, promising myself that I would not pay more than 15 bucks a month towards this addiction. It will take my time, but dammit, it will not take my money! (WoW is pretty cheap as far as addictions go, I mean just look at the price of cigarettes). So far, with the exception of buying the expansion and the authenticator, I have held up.

But… BUT! Continue reading