Car Alarms, Patch Days, and Red Boxes

Let me start off by saying that whoever invented the car alarm should be shot. Then, while recuperating in a hospital (for I would not want them killed, I’m not that vindictive), they should be left in a room right next to the parking lot and be forced to listen to their own invention go off incisively until they wish that whoever shot them would do so again, this time mortally so (ok, so maybe I am that vindictive). To say I am overreacting a bit might be accurate, but then again, today is a patch day, (I will go into that further later on) and anything that is even slightly bad is ten times worse. And listening to a car alarm go off over and over again for what seems like forever is pretty damn bad to begin with.

How did I get into this tangent? Well, today is Patch Tuesday. And anyone who plays World of Warcraft knows that it is a day to be dreaded and feared. Blizzard uses these days to torture us while they update our dear fictional world. So, where I would usually be tucked away chatting with the other citizens of Daleran, I am stuck looking at a downloading screen that literally takes forever to download. I then had the brilliant idea to see a movie. Go out to the dollar theater? Grand idea. But when I checked online what was playing, my grand idea went splat. The movies that were playing were not worth my dollar, or my 5 bucks I would inevitably spend on popcorn. Idea number two, stemming from idea number one: Rent a movie! Most would assume that I would go the Netflix rout from here. But alas, I don’t have a Netflix account, and even if I did decided to hijack my friends account, I would be to afraid that the internet usage would be too great and slow everything down, thus defeating my purpose of finding a suitable time waster. So I decided to walk to Sack N Save and try out this thing called Redbox, which apparently rents out movies cheap. I was not disappointed, and after only $1.06 spent (I am proud to say I resisted the temptation to buy snackage, as I have a Wal-Mart trip planned for tomorrow, and really already have a ton of snacks lying around) came home with the comedy ‘Killer’. I also came home to that damn car alarm. Lucky for me, and my sanity, I have a nice set of skull headphones, and was soon absorbed in my movie, which was surprisingly good.

Unfortunately for me and my sanity, the patch was still not complete with the completion of my movie, and I was forced to read a book, do some crafts, and take a nice hot bath. I know, my life sucks. But really, if you are a gamer, you will understand that we are a tad… Obsessed? Fanatic? Just plain crazy? Well think of it this way my dear audience who are more into, I don’t know… lets say football: How would you be if a major game was on and your cable was out? For us, today was supposed to be a changing day. I even said good-bye to my dear tree from with the rest of the tree forms at the fountain. But the day came and went (as it is now past midnight); so I guess tomorrow, or now today, will be the changing day.

Well, my patch finally completed itself, and I was super excited to see the new world. Yeah… not going to happen. Apparently there is an updater after the patch. I swear if there is something else after this, I don’t know what I am going to do. I am not tired because I took a nap earlier to pass some of the time, I have done everything else that I do to occupy my time on days off, and I even have written my first blog (which, I might as well point out, is this). I think I may find myself (dare I say it?) cleaning.

Wait! Only 25% remains of the downloader! I should be able to fill in that time getting this blog from word processer to my actual blog site. And as I end this endless ramble, I once again wonder if only I will ever read it, or if other people also bored out of their minds will find a way to this site and be mildly intrigued. I kind of hope they do. Toodle! ~Taba


One Response to “Car Alarms, Patch Days, and Red Boxes”

  1. $2.o6 bucks spent on that movie, as I didn’t get around to returning it today. Blizz, you are costing me big time.

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