My Views on Spelling.

My guild in WoW has an usual quirk: We are crazy about spelling and grammar. This mainly stems from one of our guild officers, Grimmarrow, who is rightly dubbed ‘Grammar Nazi’. But recently our Guilds Master posted on his Always Saturday blog a post on his thoughts on the subject of spelling and grammar as it pertains to WoW. The fallowing comment is a direct quote from it, one that I just HAD to comment on: ‘You eat at a Buffet, dumbass. You get smacked around by a Buffet. Big difference.’ I would love to know the difference here. And it is a great place to have a typo. But I understand what he mean.

There were two major lessons that stuck with me from my english classes in grade school and then again in college (High school was a tad disappointing): 1. Avoid the words ‘got’ or ‘get’, and 2. Avoid conjunctions. I am not sure why these particular two seem important to me, but they just are. If you can’t sound intelligent on paper, where you can go back and edit, proofread, and spellcheck, you probably are not much better off in person.You would not know it in WoW, but I am someone who will refuse to turn in a paper if I find a typo, spelling or grammar related, in it. I will print the damn assignment out ten times if I have to.

World of Warcraft chat has indeed become its own language; one that takes months to learn, as really your only teacher is creators of the language: other WoW players, and to ask for help in deciphering this strange language would quickly grant you the title of ‘noob’, which even beginners know is not a good thing. You have no idea how many months went by before I learned that ICC was actually a place, and it was in a battleground (I purposely refrained from using the shortened BG here) that I finally had the guts to ask what ftw meant. And it was not in a kindly manner.

Anyone, in real life or online, will tell you in a heartbeat that I am one of the worse spellers they have ever met, but I try not to be, which is what I believe counts. It’s when people start not caring that they spelled rogue r-o-u-g-e or that their ‘there’ should have been ‘they’re’ that I become worried for the human race. My guildies (spell check is now pointing out that ‘guildies’ is not an actual word) are quick to point out any and all grammar and spelling mistakes, and while I may grumble about it, I am really quite grateful and do take note of my mistakes. You will no longer see me confusing dual for duel (it took Grim no less than six times of correcting, but I DID learn)!


One Response to “My Views on Spelling.”

  1. I will print it out ten times too! We are both people who take pride in our work! =)

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