The Day That Was Terribad, But Really Not Too Too Bad

Yesterday was patch Tuesday. You can read how that went in my post below. Today is Wednesday the 13th, which I think is somehow related to Friday the 13th, because is was a day full of mishaps. To start off: I woke up and put on the wrong things to wear that day. I dressed warm: jeans,long sleeved shirt, long black trench coat jacket type thing, and for good measure I threw a pair of fuzzy socks into my park bag. Just FYI, on days I don’t work, I spend a good portion of my time at the park for the benefit of my dog, who is forced to stay indoors on the days I do work. I live in a basement, with no windows leading to the true outdoors, and there for had no way of knowing that it was bright, sunny, and really really hot. I have simply convinced myself that it is winter and therefor it will be cold, dammit.

My dog also decided that he wanted to leave me a effyouforsleepinginuntilnoon present: a poo on the carpet. TY for that dear Luna. Luna was delayed further from his park by my forgetting my sarong, which I MUST have to lay on in the grass. That gave me the opportunity to get rid of the jacket. But along with my slight backtrack came my co-workers plee that I watch the store for 20 min while she goes to pick up her sick daughter from school (another FYI: where I live is in the basement of where I work. Great commute? Hell yeah. Possible pain in the ass? Hell yeah again) I couln’t say no, I mean really, I was off to the park, not some urgent appointment.

So it wasn’t until 1ish that I finally made my way to the park, stopping on my way to pick up my breakfast: Hawaii’s best cream puff (the island, not the state, as Komodo’s has damn good creme puffs too). Ok, so this was not terribad. Sunny day, yummy creme puff, great book. Actually pretty good. Then Luna has to go and get himself missing. After a though yelling all accross the park, I simply hoped that he had found his way home. Which he had. Apparently some guy picked him up, thought he was lost, and took him to the address on his collar. Major catastrophe averted.

Then it was off to Walmart, where I bought a ton of local kine food for my sister’s birthday present, and got myself a new phone and a fuzzy blanket (it IS winter, and it WILL be cold). Plus some snacks. Oh and milk. I am SO going to write a whole post on milk one of these days. I took the bus home only to discover that I have locked myself out. Great. Time for a little payback for covering for you at lunch dear co-worker. She was happy to oblige and sent her friend who was headed downtown anyways with the key. Eer. Yeah. Thats the wrong key. Trying to get out of coming down yourself? I think not!

All this I can handle. Not to bad at all. I’ve had worse days. But /cry : I STILL can’t log onto WoW! It keeps crashing right after I put in my password. The forums tell me that I should uninstall and then reinstall World of Warcraft. /sigh. Ok. a pain in the ass, but I shall do so. So I uninstall everything, and empty my trash. WoW, you have never existed on my computer. I then try to log to my account. Eff you Blizz! WHY THE HELL CAN’T I LOG IN???? So I change my password and try again. Nope. I think it has something to do with my authenticator. Now I am truly pissed. I HATE customer service, and I am going to have to be on hold with them for the better part of my day tomorrow. I felt like ranting and raving. but to who? my phone is a blank slate phone number wise, and no one is online on facebook. So whoever is reading this, you are getting my rant and my rave. Really tho, I should have at least used real swear words. Who do I think is going to read this? My mother? God I hope not.


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