Another WoWless Day

Well, it’s getting easier to accept another WoW free day. Slightly. I still check my computer every 1/2 hour or so, hoping that by some miracle everything will be patched up and perfect. But it’s no longer the ARG! of 3 days ago, and more the resigned /sigh of one who has accepted her fate: my patch shall never download properly and I shall be forced to look at that downloading screen for eternity and beyond. Ok, at least for a few more days.

This week has been one of horror regarding World of Warcraft. I put off finding a ICC pug for Tabathine, my main, to run (Davinna,my alt, ran with our guild because we need a healer) and ended up not being able to find one at all for her. Then Monday night I was forced to say goodbye to Davi’s tree from, which I had truly grown to love. The tree’s of Tichondrious had a fair well gathering at the fountain, and now I wish I had taken a screen shot or six of it.

Tuesday was patch day, and the servers were down several hours past the original times posted, no surprise there, and I actually laughed every time I saw a new update on the delays. So it was around 4ish that I finally started the patch. I get Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off from work, and I had envisioned myself blissfully figuring out how to use this focus thing that my Hunter was getting, and finding pets for my new 25 slot stables. And re-adopting some of the ones I had been forced to abandon due to lack of space. Realistically I knew it would be more of a lag/glitch fest, but hey, things would smooth out.

Wednesday found me frustrated as all hell because the patch had not gone through properly and I was being booted as soon as I had entered my password and username. The repair thing and the forums told me that I needed to reinstall World Of Warcraft, and since I had issues when I had installed WotLK, I new that EVERYTHING WoW related had to be removed from my computer. That completed, I tried to log onto my Blizz account to get to the online game downloader (I don’t have the disks with me anymore). Yeah… Not going to happen. Apparently, unrelated to the patch, my authenticator had been ‘de-synced’ from my Blizz account. So I was going to have to call customer technical support. Tomorrow. Living in Hawaii, I am 3 hours behind California, and I had already missed the work hours.

So thats what I did early Thursday morning. After that was all sorted out, I reinstalled WoW. Then reinstalled it again. And again. It just wasn’t working. Then I remembered the repair thingy, and decided to give that a try, as well as call up Blizz. Probably an overkill, as when I finally got to talk to someone, I realized that the repair thingy appeared to be doing something. YaY! Was WoW fixed? I don’t know. Because I can’t get inuntil I now download the Cata launcher. which is literally taking forever. I started it at around 6ish last night. it’s now 11:30 Friday morning and there is still 6.2 of of 10GB left to download.

I know I am not the only one having isuues, my irl friend has also come to accept her fate. But it still is annoying, frustrating, and disapointing. I have been filling my time with reading, getting back into writing (mainly on this blog, which I am going to try my best to keep going), creating handmade cards (I like to craft as a hobby), playing Half Life 2 (some guildies play, so I am trying it out, lots of shooting and gore), and working (Had to cover for my co’worker 1/2 of yesterday). In some ways the break has been nice. I watched a movie, and learned about the joys of the RedBox, and Luna, my dog, has had fun playing fetch late into the night; but I am more than ready to get back to my fantasy world. The people there are real, and I do miss thier company. So please WoW, work this time.


8 Responses to “Another WoWless Day”

  1. Krisna Mage Says:

    Wow. That sounds… frustrating.

  2. Krisna Mage Says:

    By the way – any particular reason you went with a Christmas theme for this?

    • Um. Because it’s the Holiday Season? Why wouldn’t I go for the Holiday theme. I wanted christmas music to play in the background (it’s all I am listening to now) but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. And hopefully I’ll be on in a couple of hours! /knocks on wood

      • Krisna Mage Says:

        Holiday season?? It’s mid October!

      • Exactly. We are well into the Holiday season, which officially started with the ‘ber’ months. ie September 1st. Canada’s Thanksgiving has already come and gone, All Hallows Eve is coming up, and our Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Then, Bam! it’s Christmas and New Years.

      • Also, how did u get ur pic thingy?

  3. Continuity Says:

    by “fairwell”, you mean farewell?

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