Yay! I Can play WoW Again! Erm… Now What?

So I finally got my WoW back, after a frustrating week of it being broken. And I was more than excited to get back to playing, until I actually logged in. After saying hi to guildies and getting freaked out about having a shadow, I realized that I did not at all know how to even begin fixing Tabathine. She was missing almost all her spells, and my usually choke full bars were strangely empty. I couldn’t find my pets, vanity pets, or mounts, and why the hell was ‘j’ not bring up my guild tab?

Then a small part of my brain squeaked out ‘training’ amongst all the clutter, and thats where I went. My go-to-for-hunter-help website, warcrafthuntersunion.com, once again saved my arse, and I had Taba somewhat fixed up, although I was still having issues with all the blank space. in the action bars area. What do you mean I don’t need all four bars? I’m a hunter! I need ALL my bars filled!. Herm. No more need to put my aspects on them? Ok then. What? These spells are gone as well? Well, I guess I didn’t really use them. Ok, the far left action can be removed. Slowly my screen was looking playable. And after I visited general chat, I found that my pets, vanity pets (all 61), and mounts had all been simply moved to my spell and abilities book. So they’re not lost.

Davinna was much easier to sort back to normal. And I even took her into a BG. But Taba is my main, and just because she appears fixed does not mean I think she’s playable. What if I enter a random dungeon, and like, completely fail. Or worse. what if I cause a wipe?  Usually I would run a random or two on Taba, do the same for Davi, then some BG’s. Then later on peruse the Trade chat for a raid. But my confidence is not that high in my abilities. And I kind of have the bad habit of having an attitude of why try if you are going to fail. Thats one reason why I took so long to get into raiding. Not knowing is better than failing. Right? yeahhhhNO! But but! Quit being such a baby and go do a random instance already. It’s just a fricken game. Sheese. But I don’t want to be a Huntard! Bah. Everyone is going to fail in the beginning (well, except for Krisna and his damn 10k crit). Would you rather wait while everyone else sorts out their bugs, and you are the only one who still doesn’t know what the fuck you are doing? I didn’t think so. Plus, it’s not like you are a great hunter to begin with, so you really don’t have much catching up to do. Fine fine. I’m logging in, on Taba, right now. And Que-ing up for an instance. Right after I re-download Recount. Wish me luck.


2 Responses to “Yay! I Can play WoW Again! Erm… Now What?”

  1. Continuity Says:

    checked, no spelling/grammar errors, GJ!

  2. Continuity Says:

    correction: no noticeable spelling/grammar errors.

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