Up Way Too Late

So it’s been a few days since my last post. Fine. more like a week. But I have come to the conclusion that all my posts need not be forever long. They can be short! And to the point? Herm. That could be a challege for me. I like length. Pictures! I shall enter more pictures.

Anywhoo, the topic for today: Why people stay up and play WoW, when really all they want to be doing is sleep. I know we all have done it. It’s late at night, and we are falling asleep at the keyboared, but for some reason, we refuse to log off. When I say late at night I guess I mean early in the morning. 2am. 3am. sometimes even 4 or 5 am. it was 5:15 for me last night. I actually saw the sunrise at 6:00.

Quick break for some Breaking News: I GOT MY SINISTER SQUASHLING! On my main no less! Woohoo! Ok, more on that another time. (And yes, I am playing WoW and writing this at the same time) 

The main reaaon I think that people choose to sit in a stupor staring at their screen, (and this also applies to non wow players) is laziness. It’s easier to not go to bed than it is to go to bed. For example: Last night I had to wash 6 mugs and clean a toilet before I fell asleep. I put that off for later, and when later came, I was so tired I just wanted to do it later. And the cycle continues.

Plus there is all that goes into going to bed: Brushing teeth, washing face, etc etc, it varies person to person. Sure it doesn’t seem like much, but when you’re that tired, it seems like a lot of work. so you continue to stare at your screen, perhaps throwing in a comment in trade chat now and again.

Of course there are other reasons why one might be logged in on WoW at two in the morning. An ICC run has taken longer than expected, you really want to finish a quest line before you log, or maybe you are determined to level a profession to 450, no matter the cost to your poor brain, or WoW bank account. A common one is you want to get your dailies done, and are waiting for the server to reset. But really, you can always do the dailies at a decent hour 😛 I think it’s laziness, not stubbornness, that ends up being the cause of us late nighters being up so fricken late. It’ starts with procrasination, and turns into lack of sleep. So: Get those dishes done early, play until sleep sounds more appealing, and come back to do it all again!


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