Murocs! /Sob

Blizz hates hunters. And how do I know that? Well, the proof is in the armor. The Tier 9 helmet is bulky bulky bulky. Might work for a Orc, or one of those Dwarf guys, but not a blood elf like myself, and I bet those draenai people are not pleased either. And aren’t we hunters supposed to be stacking agility? To what purpose could two giant horns sticking forward from each side possibly have?

And as for the tier 10 helm? Looks like a rhino. With freaky glowing yellow eyes. the thing literally sticks like 2 feet out from our head!

The hunter t10 Rhino helm

And then tier 11 comes. Do you know what creature I hate most in WoW? Murlocs. They attack in packs, are irritating as all hell when fishing, and, well, they have killed me when they had no right to.

I still remember: It was outside of Rachet. I was slightly tipsy (irl) but thought I had things under control. After all, I was a good 8 or so levels above the things. I was behind a mound, my dear Arora beside me, and I was LoS-ing them. bringing them to me. One at ma time, my pet finishing them off as they made that last turn to get me. And then, suddenly, I was surrounded. They had snuck up behind me, and came in from the left and right, and I had pulled one that demanded ALL of it’s cronies come with it. Doomed. I tried to run. I tried to F’D. I just ended up dying, watching first in horror as a pack took down Arora first. I swore that murlocs would never, ever receive the mercy of Tabathine. Thus, our tier 11 is:

Taken straight off the Always Saturday blog who took it straight from MMO Champ. If whose aren’t murloc costumes, I don’t know what are. Complete with finny things on the shoulders. I’m not sure what is with the colors, but they just add to the murlociness of it all. I hate it. Hate it hate it hate it. Only place that would work in in the new underwater section. And Arora hates water. So does my spider, for that matter. Ever seen a spider in WoW swimming? Quite funny. But murlocs are no joking matter. And if this is indeed what the Hunter t11 looks like, then u will be seeing me mainly in my PvP gear, as there is no way I am going around in that costume. Ick.


3 Responses to “Murocs! /Sob”

  1. I love murlocs 😀 rwallawallawalla 😀
    I must say I gasped when I saw the look on the tier 10 hunter helmet… Like having a big penis on my forehead (a female friend of mine even made some jokes about it and made me blush, so I’ve played my Paladin more hahah).
    I kind of miss the old Dragonstalker which had 8 parts in it’s set. I wasn’t to happy with Blizzard making tier sets having only 5 parts as some of the fun got taken away by spending time gathering the whole tier. I remember waiting 8 months to get the T2 shoulders as they never wanted to drop and when they did I was soooo happy.

  2. Lookonthebrightside Says:

    Well look on the bright side of your hatred for murlocs, at least you’ll be wearing their dead carcasses as trophies, showing them you’ll bid them no mercy whenever they cross your path and they’ll be sorry for all those horrible things they’ve done to you. If I hated murlocs (which I don’t, never encountered them much), then I’d grab this opportunity and kill every kind of murloc in the whole of Azeroth whilst wearing this armor to rub it in. IR MURLOC SLAYAH!

    • Hahaha. Good point. Maybe I should abandon my avoiding them at all costs approach and take up the hunting them down and killing the living daylights out of them approach. Did you see that they made a cup with those filthy creatures on it? And it was on the Blizz Launcher screen. When I first saw that I had a fit.

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