Sure I Can Help You, But Are You Sure You Want Me To?

I have a thing for meeting people in World of Warcraft. Not just people, but RP, or Random People. People that just happen to answer a misstype of mine, or make an unusual comment in trade or general chat that I am compelled to answer. People that pique my interest. I have become good, long term (WoW wise) friends with many, while others fade into nothingness.

But my favorite RP is the newbie. Someone who is new to WoW. Maybe it’s because I had a pretty hard time figuring out the game when I first started and wish I had a me to guide me, or maybe it’s because it boosts my confidence that I actually know the game, therefor confirming to myself that I am no longer a noob. Whatever the reason, I love it when I find out that my newest RP is a newbie. And if they ask for the slightest bit of help advise wise, I give them a ton. And some bags. You wouldn’t know it, but not having something as simple as bag space can be a real pain in the arse. And, if they don’t ask for it, 5-10 pieces of gold. If they do ask for a bit of gold, I’ll give them 1/2 that amount and tell them to go buy a fishing pole. I don’t like being used as a bank, or an easy instance runner. But for the true newbie, thats not an issue, as most don’t know how to even use the AH to buy some bags.

Recently I was prowling chat looking for a pug instance to heal in. Someone was looking for a heals for a BG, and I figured that that was close enough, and whispered them with a ‘Me! Me! I’m a Heals!’. Kinda odd, as a usual pst would be more ‘1242 resil resto druid’ but I was in a random mood. Only thing was I whispered the wrong person. He was confused, and when I explained, he called me weird. I then replied with a ‘humph’ to which he apologized, and I said being weird was quite all right with me. I thought it was funny that he replied at all. Most people are quick to /ignore.

It quickly became apparent that he was a newbie, which thrilled me to no end. Tichondrious, the server I play on, is filled with way to many “I know it all and it all use to be better”-ers. Having fresh people is, well, refreshing.

I wasn’t on my main, Tabathine, who has the explorer title. I was on Davinna, who really hasn’t been anywhere as I leveled her mainly though instances and BG’s, and thus most of her map is still a blank slate. But I figured that, when my RP needed help finding the Silvermoon mount vendor, I could help. Because although Silvermoon is my least visited and least favored of all the cities, Taba is, after all, a Blood Elf, and I had spent countless hours, back when I was a newbie, wandering it.

I have not yet reinstalled Tomtom, my map addon, since the patch 4.0, which probably wouldn’t have mattered since he is most likely addonless, and therefore telling him ‘24.3, 42.6’ would have made no sense. So I decided to go with ‘Two thirds down, one centimeter over from the middle.’ referring to the map, and drawing completely on my memory. 20 minutes later he still had not found it. I tried directing him as best I could, and even asked my guildies for some help. They said just south of the city, I heard west, and I new it was further down, so I said southwestish.

When he STILL couldn’t find it, I decided to find it myself, then show him. Bad idea. I spent a good 15 minutes wandering the western part of Eversong woods looking for it. I finally enlisted the help of Grimmarrow, a guildy. By this time my RP had been wondering around Eversong woods for over 1/2 an hour. The wrong portion of Eversong woods. I still think they moved the mount vendor, but I also remember that Taba had issues with it’s location. I recall it being right below a ridge. And it was. Just not the ridge I remembered. And much much close to the city. End the end, he finally got his mount, Grim got a laugh, and I gave the poor guy 10 gold and 2 bags.

So my attempt to be a helpful veteran of WoW to a poor newbie was a complete failure. And right when I thought that I was getting good at the places in Azeroth (did you know that the PoS/FoS/HoR GY run is MUCH faster if you take a right, not a left?), and my days of calling Thousand Needles ‘Thousand Pines’ over. Ah well. I was never good with maps (but in real live I am excellent with remembering how to get some place).

It’s been almost a year since I started playing, and I am quite proud at how far I’ve come. But I think there will always be some small part of me that will always be a newbie. And really, I am perfectly fine with that. 🙂


2 Responses to “Sure I Can Help You, But Are You Sure You Want Me To?”

  1. Continuity Says:

    i like your visual demonstration with the map and labels

  2. Yeah… I didn’t realize how long this post was until I actually posted it. More pictures with scribbles, less wordsies. 😛

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