Excitingness in WoW

Recap! A lot has happened this last day and a half. Major MAJOR WoW stuff. Ok. Not even close to major. But each event got me really excited.

Firstly, I created a priest. I always said that priests were one of the few classes that I wasn’t enterested in. I didn’t dislike them, but I didn’t like them either. Then Davinna dueled a Discipline Priest for well over 20 minutes before we finally called it a tie, and that got my attention. The Call to Arms is Warsong Gulch, so it’s the perfect time to create an alt. And my lvl 12 rogue, who I so wish I was good at, was irritating me. I actually made my priest as a trash toon, meaning I had no intention of working to lvl her, and just play her when I’m bored. But it turns out I LOVE being a priest. It just fits. The HoT’s and DoT’s, the look, and even the name. For me, naming a toon of mine is a big thing. Usually, once I decided on a race and class, I will muse, often times for days, over a suitable name. This toon I dubbed Pualani with barely any thought. And she is well on her way to level 23! I can’t believe I created her only two days ago. I love WSG weekends.

Secondly: Taba has added two move vanity pets to her collection! The Lifelike Toad and the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. A guildy (who is also a pet collector) made them for me, which saved me a boatload of gold as the pets are well over 10x the costs of materials on the AH. So Taba is up to 64 pets!

And lastly, but my most exciting news: Davi got her picture taken with the Lich King! Which means that we finally got Sindragosa and the Blood Wing down. It has always been Always Saturday’s goal to kill the Lich King before Cata came out, but frankly, I didn’t think it was going to  happen. And then today it all changed. And amazingly, we only had to pug one DPS, because one of the guildies had to leave after like 6 wipes. Turns out all we needed was a tad more DPS, as she was down next try. And we downed the blood Wing without a single GY run. So we headed over to the Lich King and spent a bit of time gawking at him, as only one of us has the King Slayer title. We all snapped a few screen shots, one of the guild with the Lich King (which unfortunatly I don’t have a copy of as I wasn’t fast enough to grab it), and then decided to let us kill him a few times just to get the feel of it. Yeah… no clue how we’re going to kill him tomorrow, when we have scheduled our next attempt. He hits hard. I died before I new what hit me. But really, wouldn’t it be awesome if we killed him on Halloween? I totally wish myself luck.

On a more somber note, I lost a bet. My stupid calendar in-game is messed up. And I SWEAR that I calculated correctly, but now I have to shell over 50g and my dignity to Metaus, who insisted that you could kill the Headless horseman one more time on Halloween, but I insisted that Hallows End ended before you could. I, apparently, was wrong. But seriously, look at my calendar:

I hate being wrong.


2 Responses to “Excitingness in WoW”

  1. I really love the priest class, and shadowform looks so good. I’m hoping for you that they are a little easier to level than they were back in the days when we still had the improved wand talent etc.

    Good luck and I hope you’ll enjoy her!

  2. Ha..I have 2 priests and neither one has been brave enough to be Disc. Maybe one day I will have to make a 3rd priest.

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