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Oh Wow. Just… WoW

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Flying back from Winterspring to Org I had a huge WTF moment (I had ben searching for an abandoned pet to readopt, ended up picking up a totally new pet, more oh that later). I now present to you my WTF moment:

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The Night Before the Patch

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For me, things in WoW seem to happen in 3’s. Todays 3, coming on the eve of patch 4.0.3, is as follows:

I have taken over as Guild Master of my guild, Always Saturday. It’s not a permanent position, but I am to treat it as if I am not just acting GM. Unfortunately Krisna (the real AS GM), has some RL stuff going on, and he isn’t sure how his internet status is going to be, among other things. He asked me to be stand in GM, and while I don’t know if I have all it takes (can someone please tell me what is takes? is there some sort of GM handbook?), it’s a challenge I am looking forward to. I have been an officer in my guild since it started back in Aprilish, and I love how it has grown. I hope to god that I don’t screw it up. I also have to figure out how to trick someone into the Raid Leader position, as I am a terribibble RL. OK, not true, I just don’t want to be RL. It’s to stressful. However as GM, it is my responsibility to make sure we do raid, so RL or no, we are radeing on Saturday, just like always. I have even found 2 DK tanks if needed. On the upside, Krisna always changed our tabards colors every Tuesday, and that power is now mine! Buahahahaha! We’ll be seeing a lot more  purple. But no pink. I am one of 2 girls in my guild, and I rather not face a mutiny just yet. Continue reading

Chat Screenshots

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So many funny things get said in general, party, guild and trade chat that I wanted to dedicate a page just to screen shots of these conversations. However, I couldn’t figure out how to do that, so it’s mashed into all my other posts. I will figure out how to in time, but it’s 4am, so yeah… not going to happen tonight.

Times are approximate and given in server time (which is Cali time), Enjoy!

Chat screenshot: 2am 11/17/10


King Slaying, Rats, and Not Doing Quests

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So first and foremost: Davinna is now a King Slayer!

Yup. We (being my guild, Always Saturday) finally killed the bastard. And I have the title to prove it. That I was there was kind of a fluke, and I am so happy for that fluke. We were scheduled to (attempt to) take him down on the 6th, but when that day came I really didn’t want to as Tika ended up dying that morning (see previous post). Really, all I wanted to do was cry that day. And I was short on time as my mom was coming into town, and well, and she hated WoW. I say hated, not hates. More on that in a bit. We were also missing one of our main tanks and a strong dps due to them living in India and it was some sort of holiday which required them to be with family. But attempt to kill that damn Lich King we did! And we failed! Over and over and over. I finally had to leave because my mom arrived. Which kind of sucked because we were really really close to getting him down. Really close.

The next day I logged in to find that the raid had been extended. I had already missed the first 2 hours of wipes. But lucky for me, the pug heals bailed, and I was in! Not 1/2 hour later he was down (I would love to say that it was because of my mad heals, but it was more to everyone finally getting all the kinks worked and me being able to reap the benefits). I got super excited and started squealing and clapping my hands, which made my mom get excited, despite the fact that she had no clue what was going on. Thus the crack was made towards her not hating WoW, simply because she saw that I really like playing it. She was also trying to prove that her and my dad moving to where I live would not disrupt my life. Yeah… not going to happen. But anyways, WE GOT HIM DOWN!!!!!!!! BEFORE CATA!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

Pet number 67: The Tiny Sporebat!

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So I finally did it. I went from non-exsistant to exalted with Sporggar rep just for a pet. And yes, it was worth it. Granted if I have to farm another damn sanguine hibiscus, I will sic my new huge ass tank pet on the the world (she’s a bear, and literally has a huge arse). The Naga in the area can tell you how painful that can be. And since I got sick of farming those flowers, I ended up spending a ton of gold at the AH attempting to buy myself those last 90. I bought out the AH on Tuesday, at 2G-ish per hubiscus, only to discover that by doing so, I jacked up the AH prices to 9G each by Thursday. Don’t you just love the AH? I ended up spamming Trade Chat offering 5G per. I was actually surprised at how many people had some in their bags. And then I was exalted! And it was worth it! What’s even better it that it’s one of the few that has a tamable larger counterpart. So meet the newest member (as yet unnamed) of Taba’s pet family, and vanity pet number 67!

Next: the Sha’tari Skyguard rep grind. I heard the road will be long and hard, but the payoff high. Apparently you can get both a minipet AND a mount!

I’ll Miss You Tika

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My dear friend and companion and an important part of our family, Tika Pooh, passed away today. He was with us for 12 years almost to the day, as it was November 2, 1998 that he joined my family. He was there for me during thick and thin, and was my lifeline even when he was hundreds of miles away and I needed someone to ground me to home. He was my muse. He was happy and loved life, up until they day he died, which thankfully was in his sleep and without pain. I will miss him dearly.

Tika Pooh I love you

Please don’t break my heart in two

that because I know

That you are Tika Pooh-ti-pooh


Tika Pooh Thornton Rajan

Born in Australia, Somtime during the summer of 1998

Joined my family November 2nd, 1998

Left this world November 6th, 2010





Family Not Understanding World of Warcraft

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My mom is coming into town. While a huge part of me is going “YaY! Mom! (I was never one to call my mom mommy) Can I have a backrub? (She gives excellent back rubs)”, another part of me is going, “Ah shit. What am I going to do about WoW?”

My mom hates World of Warcraft. Not that she’s ever even tried to understand it. She saw some show on Opera or Dr. Phil about MMO games being bad bad bad, and World of Warcraft was mention as one of the leading ones. It didn’t help that she thought gaming in general bad even before that. I did get a Gameboy for my 12th birthday, but that was from my dad (using my mom’s money tho, lol), and my mom couldn’t say shit because I was going though health issues, and really, I think she was glad I had something to distract me. She doesn’t understand that I have friends online, or that it basically to the place of time that I spent in front of the TV, randomly browsing sites online, or sleeping. It simple replaced my other time wasting activities. And she doesn’t get that the people are real people that I get to know.

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