I’ll Miss You Tika

My dear friend and companion and an important part of our family, Tika Pooh, passed away today. He was with us for 12 years almost to the day, as it was November 2, 1998 that he joined my family. He was there for me during thick and thin, and was my lifeline even when he was hundreds of miles away and I needed someone to ground me to home. He was my muse. He was happy and loved life, up until they day he died, which thankfully was in his sleep and without pain. I will miss him dearly.

Tika Pooh I love you

Please don’t break my heart in two

that because I know

That you are Tika Pooh-ti-pooh


Tika Pooh Thornton Rajan

Born in Australia, Somtime during the summer of 1998

Joined my family November 2nd, 1998

Left this world November 6th, 2010






3 Responses to “I’ll Miss You Tika”

  1. Krisna Mage Says:

    Ah man. So sorry to hear about your dog, Taba. Tika looked like a little cutie!

  2. Continuity Says:

    =( don’t you wish you can just
    /cast: Revive Pet

  3. My condolences…

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