King Slaying, Rats, and Not Doing Quests

So first and foremost: Davinna is now a King Slayer!

Yup. We (being my guild, Always Saturday) finally killed the bastard. And I have the title to prove it. That I was there was kind of a fluke, and I am so happy for that fluke. We were scheduled to (attempt to) take him down on the 6th, but when that day came I really didn’t want to as Tika ended up dying that morning (see previous post). Really, all I wanted to do was cry that day. And I was short on time as my mom was coming into town, and well, and she hated WoW. I say hated, not hates. More on that in a bit. We were also missing one of our main tanks and a strong dps due to them living in India and it was some sort of holiday which required them to be with family. But attempt to kill that damn Lich King we did! And we failed! Over and over and over. I finally had to leave because my mom arrived. Which kind of sucked because we were really really close to getting him down. Really close.

The next day I logged in to find that the raid had been extended. I had already missed the first 2 hours of wipes. But lucky for me, the pug heals bailed, and I was in! Not 1/2 hour later he was down (I would love to say that it was because of my mad heals, but it was more to everyone finally getting all the kinks worked and me being able to reap the benefits). I got super excited and started squealing and clapping my hands, which made my mom get excited, despite the fact that she had no clue what was going on. Thus the crack was made towards her not hating WoW, simply because she saw that I really like playing it. She was also trying to prove that her and my dad moving to where I live would not disrupt my life. Yeah… not going to happen. But anyways, WE GOT HIM DOWN!!!!!!!! BEFORE CATA!!!!!!!!!!!!


A couple nights later, it was some really really late hour, and I was mindlessly fishing in the sewers. It’s how I spend my time when I am beyond having a functioning mind. And I’ve been doing it with a purpose for months and months now. Sometimes even with a functioning mind. The Giant Sewer Rat. That rat has eluded me for a really really long time. I have caught stacks and stacks, and stacks and stacks, and a few more stacks, of the Sewer Carp and Magic Eaters, and who knows what else. And fishing in the sewers of Dalaran is not a good way to earn some gold. Just FYI.

Anyways, I was at the point where I was over waiting for the rat that night, and was just waiting for my fishing buff to finish itself up. then ACK! YAY!!!!OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I CAUGHT IT!!!!11111 Well that is what Cruella, a guildy and the only other person online at the time, saw. I went on like that for quite some time. IRL I was clapping my hands and squealing as much as when we downed the Lich King, with a little foot jig thrown in. I was also wide awake again. Eager to show off my new pet, I shouted the news, screamed it in trade chat, and hunted down Cruella. Yes, I agree, I am slightly nuts. It took me quite while to get back to my walking dead mind set and finally go to bed.

However, we might have a slight problem. I have been informed by a dear guildy that my rat is defective. Apparently he is supposed to glow. Like Vemar’s rat. Vemar’s rat has a little bubble around him. Well Padre: MY RAT IS NOT VEMAR’S RAT! Phew. Got that off my chest. But really, is he supposed to glow? Because I hate to say it, but it’s true. Vemar’s, who is a guildy who I loved to be bitter at over the fact that he has the rat (and caught it with very little effort, I might add) rat does indeed glow. Or at least in ICC he glows. Is it some type of ICC rat buff?

And one last screen pic:

Look at the date (I have it circled). Davinna is a fully geared KS, and has only completed 250 quests. I am so fricken proud 🙂



3 Responses to “King Slaying, Rats, and Not Doing Quests”

  1. Congrats on Kingslayer! And the Rat, I know I would never have the patience to do that! Also, 250 quests?? That was my primary source of leveling xD

  2. For my main, that is all I did. But I took the BG/Instance grinding route for Davinna, which was pretty fast because she’s a heals and therefor had almost instant queues.

  3. Grats on king slayer!

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