The Night Before the Patch

For me, things in WoW seem to happen in 3’s. Todays 3, coming on the eve of patch 4.0.3, is as follows:

I have taken over as Guild Master of my guild, Always Saturday. It’s not a permanent position, but I am to treat it as if I am not just acting GM. Unfortunately Krisna (the real AS GM), has some RL stuff going on, and he isn’t sure how his internet status is going to be, among other things. He asked me to be stand in GM, and while I don’t know if I have all it takes (can someone please tell me what is takes? is there some sort of GM handbook?), it’s a challenge I am looking forward to. I have been an officer in my guild since it started back in Aprilish, and I love how it has grown. I hope to god that I don’t screw it up. I also have to figure out how to trick someone into the Raid Leader position, as I am a terribibble RL. OK, not true, I just don’t want to be RL. It’s to stressful. However as GM, it is my responsibility to make sure we do raid, so RL or no, we are radeing on Saturday, just like always. I have even found 2 DK tanks if needed. On the upside, Krisna always changed our tabards colors every Tuesday, and that power is now mine! Buahahahaha! We’ll be seeing a lot more  purple. But no pink. I am one of 2 girls in my guild, and I rather not face a mutiny just yet.

Thing number 2 that happened today: I am exalted with Sha’tari Skyguard! Which means I have the Nether Ray Fry as a pet! Pet numer 71! (69 and 70 being Alliance moths I bought off the AH). I had been doing the dailies for the rep for quite some time now, and was just below revered. Then a friend asked if I wanted to work together on it, and some 3 hours, tons of potions, and hundreds of scrolls later, we did it. We started up grouped with 1 other guy, and he turned out to be from Hawaii, which is where I live. I always find it interesting when I find people from there. But he was also one of those ‘I like to be a douche’ people, and ended up getting in a fight with my friend, who then kicked him from the group and set him on ignore. It was quite funny really. I somehow ended up being the inbetween moderator, as the guy from Hawaii wanted to sell us the rest of his scrolls and dust, but would only sell it to Blink (my friend). But Blink was refusing to buy from him, extra rep or no. I had no clue guys could be this… Catty. He finally decided to give me the stuff, because I was a girl. Yeah, thats not how I work. I finally got him to sell me the scrolls and dust, but he continued to be an ass over the whole ordeal. He opened trade and said ‘fine, you do the math’. And I did, not overpaying by even a copper. But again, WORTH IT! AND I have a matching mount! Pictures will come in a bit.

And lastly. It’s 2:49 server time, I have just bought my Nether Ray Fry and Ported to Dalaran. The server restart warning comes up, I have 1o minutes. Hopefully, that will be enough. See, I had gotten all but one of the achivements done for the Pilgrim Achievement, which, when completed gives a title and, more importantly, a turkey pet. The only achievement I was missing was the Turkeyfy a rogue of every class. I had stupidly used one of my turkey shooter things on a non rogue, and had run out of dailies to get any more. But, in a desperate attempt to make sure I get the title, I made it so that the only one I was missing was a blood elf, which I figured I could get reasonable easy. You see, I am not so sure that I will be able to log in tomorrow, or the day after that, or even for the rest of the week. After the fiasco that was patch 4.0.1, where it was several days before I was able to log in, I was not taking any chances. I was going to get that Turkey before the patch came out. The dailies reset at 3am, which gave me a grand total of 5 minutes to get the quest, complete the quest, and find and turkeyfy a Blood Elf Rogue. To make sure I was prepared, I created a stack of every one of the Thanksgiving dishes while i waited for the dailies to reset, and just for fun took one last pic of Taba and the burning city of Orgrimmar. Then it was 3am, those blue exclamation points were up, and I was getting and turning in my quest! Armed with 2 turkey shooter things, I began my frantic search for the Belf Rogue. I yelled outside off Org, offering 100g. No go. I yelled again, and a third time. Then entered the city. It

I'm the dead Rogue Dwarf, you can guess who killed me

was a mad house. My yell was quickly over run by a ton of other yells proclaiming the end of the world. And I was indeed running out of time. 2:30 seconds Blizz informed me. I needed that damn Belf Rogue. And then ‘AAAAAhhhhh” (angel voices). On top of the bank, piled on top of each other, a mash of toons and mounts. The trolls of the horde, adding to the mayhem as always. In that jumble of avatars, i know there was a blood elf rogue waiting for me. I scrolled my mouse over the masses: Mage,mage, lock, Rogue! no good, troll rogue. Pally, pally, pally, to many damn pallies! then yes! a Belf Rogue! Damn! a Turkeyfied Belf Rogue. I sent him a quick whisper, asking him to remove the turkey buff. No response. Must move on. A DK and another pally… 30 secs left… and there he is! An Unturkeyfied Blood Elf Rogue. I target and shoot and BAM! I have the achieve! And the title! And the turkey is in the mail! Which I can’t check because of the damn Cat event! Stupid Cata event. But I did it! Woot Woot!

And then the server shut down. Patch 4.0.3, I am ready for you.


8 Responses to “The Night Before the Patch”

  1. Good luck with the GM thing!

  2. Krisna Mage Says:

    rofl about the tabard thing. I totally forgot about that!

  3. Krisna Mage Says:

    Hey Taba, I want to keep the guild website mostly as is, possibly deleting the Raid Info page since it won’t be current with whatever’s going on, but I found that to be a really good recruiting tool. Instead of the Always Saturday blogsite, I should replace the html link with your blog, so you can address the guild and have their comments here.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Continuity Says:

    hail king taba

  5. Continuity Says:

    queen, rather

  6. Continuity Says:

    you use a mac!!!

  7. Well, I wrote a comment, and it appears to have been deleted. 4am tho so I will re reply later

  8. I love purple! My bf is the guild leader for my guild, and he made the tabard purple for me ^.^

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