Oh Wow. Just… WoW

Flying back from Winterspring to Org I had a huge WTF moment (I had ben searching for an abandoned pet to readopt, ended up picking up a totally new pet, more oh that later). I now present to you my WTF moment:

I kid you not. It’s an effing golf course. And check out the swimming pool in the corner. I took the FP again just to get the screen pic. And the it would have been bigger, but I had technical difficulties. It wouldn’t let me upload the pic, and I thought the issue was size, so I downsized it. Still didn’t work. The original name that I had saved it to was ‘Golf Course WTF?’ Apparently the ‘WTF?’ part messed it up. Once I took that out it uploaded just fine. Go figure.

And now I present to you Tabathine from the future:

That’s the t11 on Taba. I am so crying right now. And here is the sanctified version (or whatever is the equivalent to those tokens):

I’ve been having a blast exploring the new world on Taba, and loving the new battleground level brackets on Pua, which takes out the painful part of low level BG’ing. She’ll be level 48 very soon (thank you Call to Arms). Tomorrow I plan to tackle that Peacebloom vs Ghouls questline, and get pet number 72! (I think, could be 73). I am also raid leading my guild into ICC, taking down as many hard modes as we can. First time taking my guild in there as RL, and I’m kind of scared. But I know we all know what to do, and I’ll have plenty of help. Good luck to us!

I took the opportunity this week to power level Davi’s cooking from non existent (Davi: Um, whats a cooking fire?) to almost 400, breaking my vow that she will not have any other professions other than Herbalism and Alchamy (Davi: I can make pie, and stuffing, and bread, and pie, and candied sweeet potatoes, and pie, and yummy turkeys, with stuffing, and pie! Oh, and cranberry sauce, but eww.)(Yeah… all she knows are the Thanksgiving ones, and I see no need to change that).  But if I take her as my main raider into the expansion, someone needs to be able to put down those feasts, and the way things are going, that someone has a high probability being me.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and are having fun with patch 4.0.3. In my opinion, there will be plenty of time to get all the new achieves, and faction grind for that new goblin racial mount that everyone seems to be so crazy over (IMO, its a tricycle with lights). Now is the time to explore and get to know the world, because when Cata comes out, it will be all about grinding your way (or ways, for those of us with multiple 80’s) to 85.

One more thing: If you got yourself the Pilgrim title, and the turkey to go with it, take him out by a fire sometime. Just do it. Oh, and if you are horde, take the new rocket roller coaster thing north of Org, and try to do so from the first person view. Super fun. And it gives an achievement and 2 flight paths if you complete the whole thing. If you are alliance, faction change. Our city kicks your city’s arse (oh yes I did /snap) lol. Wow. I must be tired. And not thinking clearly. Which is logical since it’s 2:30am. G’nite!


7 Responses to “Oh Wow. Just… WoW”

  1. If you are wondering who/what my toons are, I finally created a My Toons page. It’s not updated for this post tho.

  2. I thought that the Peacebloom / Ghoul quest was really cool and different…and the Singing Sunflower is to die for! Good luck with your ICC raid tomorrow – we’re going in for LK on Monday! Eeek! I know that I would never be chill enough for leading a raid, so major props to you!

  3. Krisna Mage Says:

    Hey Taba, the Always Saturday Blogsite link on the guild webpage now takes folks to your blog. my blogsite will remain http://alwayssaturday.wordpress.com/ but I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

  4. […] the posts around the blogosphere today that are mostly about how everything is new, different, new again, cheap, sexy, more sexy, not sexy at all and some are even going full circle, makes me […]

  5. continuity Says:

    off topic: guildomatic seems like a pretty good choice, they have a lot of features and are configurable in the most parts

  6. I went with guildzilla. Guildomatic was nice if you wanted to pay the monthly, which I don’t mind, but when it gets passed on to whoever, I want it to be able to last. Krisna, I was having trouble with the forums, and found a guild hosting site that integrates a forum, a wow styled calendar, and guild members seamlessly. I went ahead and created one for AS. Tell me what you think.

  7. Krisna Mage Says:

    Very… Very impressed ^^

    I didn’t even know there was such a site :-/

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