The Tiny Fawn Joins The Family!

Thats right! Taba reched the 75 pet mark, which instantly got me to 76 pets! A little reseach, a friend, and some great luck got her to this point way faster than I was anticipating.

For all you (horde) pet collectors out there: Cata has brought another buyable pet! (Alliance have to do some sort of quest for it). Withers the tree. Reminds me of Davi’s old tree form, which I want back, but the glyph costs around 285 gold on the AH. I hate you inscriptors. But there is no faction grind, no quest chain, just visit the NPC and fork over 30 silver. But yes, there is a catch: It’s in Darkshore, which is a pain to get to, especially since they took out the FP on the western part of Felwood. I like going the Darkshore, vs the fallowing the path Ashenvale way, because is faster, but if you have no version of soft fall, which, as a Hunter, Taba doesn’t, then jumping down the waterfalls can hurt. Bad. I think I hit below 20% health from falling at least 4 times. And then with all the changes to that area, it’s quite a trek. I’m sure you COULD wait for Cata to come, and then simply fly there, but where is the adventure in that? And I don’t have that type of patience. There is also way cool whirlpool thing on the way that, had I not already been on a mission, I would have so jumped into, just to see what happens. Apothecary Furrows, who lives in a cave set behind a waterfall, sells him.

I am lucky enough to have a really great friend who knows about my obsession with pets (ok, everyone who knows me on WoW knows about my obsession with pets) and gave me, thats right, gave me, the Deviate Hatchling. She was running Wailing Cavern on her troll druid, (aptly named Trollform) when it dropped for her. The thing has a 1/1000 drop rate, and is worth quite a bit on the AH. I about cried when she said I could have it. ❤ ya Shallow!

And today, down in Silithus, Pualani was killing mobs, and opening the Oozing Bag that mobs drop, not really expecting much because previosly only Oozes and Slimes dropped the pet/bag that contained the pet, and I was killing scorpions and giant snakes. therefor I was kind of shocked, and really excited, when I saw the Disgusting Oozeling come out of one of the bags. The first thing I did was check it’s BoP/BoE status. I was going to be pissed to high heaven if it was BoP. It was not (yay!). Second thing I did was freak out in guild chat, and whisper everyone online about my luck. Then Pua headed to a mailbox and I logged in on Taba. Side note: I just checked the going price of this pet on the AH, 8k buyout. Apparently it’s even rarer than the Deviate Hatchling. Anyhoo. Cool thing about this pet it is gives a debuff, and turns you green.

Lastly… /drumroll

Cute, huh? Wish that squirrel was mine too 😛


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