Ding! The Holiday Season Has Finally Hit WoW!

I have spent the last week leveing Tabathine through all the different zone, prefering Mt Hyjal to Vashir, and going the Uldum rount instead of the Twilight Zone rout, even though Uldum was a PvP warzone.I had organized a little contest in my guild, with those wishing to participate entering 50g, which would go to the winner. I then made 2nd place a ‘Bag of interesting expensive junk’ and 3rd simply a ‘bag of interesting junk’ First place went to Manathon, a alt of a guildy who decided to level him first so that we would have a tank (ty Padre!), 2nd place also went to a alt, but this time a heals, and it was really looking like I was going to get back my own bag of interesting, but not worth anything, junk. And then of course it being Tuesday, the servers restarted. two bars awa from dinging. Ok, fine. I’ll log back in and continue. Which I did. BUT THEN THE TREE’S CAME UP!!!

If you know me at all you’ll know that I am crazy about the holidays. I start listening to Christmas music as soon as the ‘bur’ months start (September). I love the holiday cheer, the cooking, the decorations, the good will and festivities. I’m not one of those people that wear snowman plastered sweater or decorates there place which an entire isles worth of Walmart christmas decorations, but give me a cup of hot cocoa, some fuzzy red and green socks, and a chilly night, and I most certainly will belt out a Christmas song or 10. As long as no one is around to here me, or my hot cocoa is spiked to the point that I don’t care :P.

So I was super excited when I hearthed back to Org to do some AHing to make room in my bags, and found the entire place decorated with tree’s and lights and Smokywood advertising Santa’s! And quests! And new cooking and LW recipes! Oh the holidays, I do so love you. So I took myself out of the dungeon Q, abandoned tracking all my Uldum quests, and went off to rescue a Reindeer in trouble! then a Smokeywood delivery person who managed to get himself turned into a snowman. Then to the AH. Where I bought out all the cheap eggs, leather, and wool. And I do mean all. I made 20 pairs of the boots, which amazingly goes for 100g ish each on my server. I’m saving the eggs to resell later on in the week when the prices rise XP

I then stopped to stare at our christmas tree. and stare. and stare. Where those… Chains? and skulls? and KNIVES? My word, who decorated this thing!?  I haven’t taken my Holiday screen shots yet, but i promise you, my alliance readers, I will post one for you. And our jolly santa is a shameless advertiser of Smokywood Co. But other than that it’s perfect. I mean, we do have Orcs as our leaders, and they do house our capital city, should I expect any different?

So anywhoo, it took me a whole 24 hours to get in that last bar of xp, since I then went to bed, went christmas chopping, went to the post office (holy hell, now is not the time to go there, 40 min Q’s. err, a 40 min wait in line I mean), then had to take a nap because I was tired after all that shopping. But I did it! Taba dinged, and still won 3rd place in the contest. 5th in the guild. The other 2 people decided not to participate in the race. Scrooges 😛


2 Responses to “Ding! The Holiday Season Has Finally Hit WoW!”

  1. It seems like most people are preferring Hyjal to Vashj’ir, at least, as far as girls go. ^.^ I just started playing again and got to 81 last night, and I leveled in Vashj’ir because one of my guildies could gank everyone there and he made sure I didn’t have to deal with the PvP mess that is the new leveling content. Congrats on 85!

  2. /sigh. No pics of our tree. I took them, but before I had a chance to save and upload them onto here, my comp had a forced shutdown and I lost them 😦 Then they took down the tree. They were great pics too.

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