Blogging Again

I’ve been bad. Very vary bad. Well, Blog wise that is. It’s not been one month, not two months, but three whole months since I last posted. It’s already March. The bunny season. SPRING. WTF is happening to 2011?

Anywhoo, although I did take a break from blogging, I did not take a freak from WoW, well, except for a week in Feburary, but that was because I lacked internet. Oh, and I was in Vegas. More on that later.

So firstly, a recap of how my last 3 months have been, if you at all care about the irl Tabathine. Well, I got a roommate. I think I have mentioned before that I might have been getting one, as my best friend wanted to move in with me, but the possibility is now a reality. And she hates WoW. I’ve tried introducing the game to her, but I don’t think it’s going to catch on.

As many of us know, WoW has a GIANT stigma attached to it, and many of us hide it from friends, family, co-workers. I’ve taken the stand that I won’t hide it, I won’t deny it, and I won’t give a fuck what you think about it.  If you are interested in what I like to do in my free time, I’ll tell you about WoW. Judge me for it and you can piss off. Accept me for t being my vise, and either leave me alone, or even better ask why I like the game, and you and I will get along fine. Really, the people reading this now are not the one’s that need to be reading this, but oh well.

That was in January, and I spent most of the month turning my basement dwelling into an actual apartment, which was a demand of my new roomie. Part of turning it into a real apartment was getting a solid wifi connection, not just my constantly d/c-ing mobile hook up. LOVE IT. I have not d/c’ed once since getting it. Well, except for tonight when the entire Internet went down, and thus the resurrection of this blog. We’ve gotten an absolute ton of rain here, and it took down ½ the islands Internet. And you will know when it goes back up by the ending of this blog XP.  Oh, and I also turned 21 that month.

In February I went on vacation out of state for the first time in three years.  I spent a week in Vegas, where if I wanted to play WoW I would have had to fork over nearly 14 bucks per day, and while I did indeed want to play, there was no way in hell was I doing that. So I suffered in silence, which really wasn’t much suffering as, hell, I was in Vegas! Was there for a week then spent a week in Miami visiting family. There I did have Internet, and did play at night, but made sure that I was more focused on my family then on PvP. As it should be J

And now it’s March. And Always Saturday, my guild, to whom I am a founding member, is almost a whole year old, and running strong. Oh.  Totally forgot that when I last posted I was Guild Master. Well, because my rl life got so hectic in January, and I was forced to play only for a small amount late late at night, I gave the GM spot back to Krisna, and omg that was an unknown weight lifted off my shoulders. It was a great experience, but I like being an Officer, with some, but not all, the responsibilities it takes to run a guild the way a guild should be run.

And now for my toons! Taba is one, ONE holiday away from getting the ‘Oh What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been’ achievement. She’ll be getting it in May! It was a bit iffy if I was going to get the Fools Love one done in time, what with my lack of internet, and that stupid rose refusing to drop, but I got it, though I did not get the slime pet on her.

Davinna is 85, and a complete PvP freak. She has over 3k resil, and is obsessed with Arena’ing. My guild has had a bit of a hard time getting up and going on the raiding scene, and truthfully I haven’t been the best in getting Davi, our raid heals, PvE’s gear up to par,  but I swear, I will get on that soon. But I just so love PvP. I can run BG after BG after BG. And then do 15 arenas. I’ve done a grand total of 3 fail rated BG’s, but I have not given up hope on them. To those that are afraid of the PvP world, don’t be!  Yeah sure you die a bit more than PvE, the satisfaction of beating an actual person is, imo, totally worth it. Or in my case being top heals in a BG.

Pualani left Always Saturday after we had some guild drama in which it turned out I played no small roll in, but as it is in the past, I will not get into it. She joined a guild that a friend was in, but soon after I joined she left it. It turned out I liked the guild, and I keep her there for the times when I want to play, but just be another random guild member. Atm Pua is level 68. 17 more levels to go! /sigh

And then there is Jitara. She’s not yet 20 so all I’ll say is that she holds promise.

Well, my internet is still not up, and this post is way to long, so I’m going to call it quits and go read a book.  And now that I’m back in the blogging world, I won’t abandon you again. Well, not for a while. Toodles!


3 Responses to “Blogging Again”

  1. Welcome back 🙂

  2. Continuity Says:

    about time

  3. Krisna Mage Says:

    Funny to hear you talking about “where’s 2011 going”. The older you get the faster time goes.

    I like the lyrics from a Pink Floyd song called Time.

    “And then one day you find,
    Ten years have got behind you.
    No one told you when to run,
    You missed the starting gun.”

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