Bad Me

Hi site, and if you’re out there, readers. I’ve been terribibble with my blogging, and I should be punished, I know, as I promised 2 posts ago (although I would hardly count my last post) that I would not not post as infrequiently as I have not posted. Does that make sense? Anywhoo, I’m not going to put mysel in that box again, but I am going to try and be a better blogger.

Firelands have come, and with it, a shitload of dailies. Double that and I end up spending a huge chunk of my time doing the same quests over and over and over and over. On nights that I don’t work, and therefor can stay up all hours, I’ll wait until around 1am my time, then rush to knock out them all on both Tabathine and Davinna. Then reset hits at 2am, and I do them all over. /sigh, I sooooo hope it’s going to be worth it when I can unlock those vendors. Taba is doing them soley for the two pets, and Davi because she is the dutiful raider, and apparently they unlock epic gear. I sure as hell hope that’s true. One thing I’ve learned is that killing monsters with insane health pools is NOT easy for a resto druid. I usually end up waiting around for someone else to do their dailies, and then dot whatetever they are killing.

I’ll be back, not sure when, but I will be.

Post note: I forgot to actually publish this, so the date is wrong. I think this is late August.


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