My Toons

These are my main toons. Unless noted, they all live on the Tichondrius server, and are part of the Always Saturday guild. They will not make it to this page until they at least reach level 15.

Meet Tabathine. Taba is a lvl 85 Blood Elf Hunter, and my main. She leveled as Marksman, and duel spec’ed Beast Mastery. She has never been Survival. At the moment her main spec is BM, and she does indeed loves her pets. Arora is her main pet, and when not raiding can almost always be found at her side. He is unfortunately banned from raiding after a hew ICC wipes that might have been his fault. Her other main pets include Tika the Ghost Wolf (after my dear Tika Pooh who is now in doggy Heaven), and Aspider who is a spider. She is a collector of vanity pets, and loves getting fluff achievements. Her hear is an odd mix of PvP and PvE. She has 525 Leather Working, Skinning, Cooking, Fishing, and First Aid, and just needs to get her Archeology up to par. She loves the holidays and hates rep grinding but will do it for vanity pets, which she currently has 112 of. Her main goals at the moment are getting the Salty title and the pretty vanity pet dragon.

My alt main Davinna. Davi is an 85 Tauren Resto Druid. She is pure Restoration, with both a PvP and PvE Spec for it. She use to be a tank, but quit at some low level (I think level 24ish). She hates being a bear. She loves Arena-ing, BG’ing, Raided BGing, and Raiding. PvP is her love, and is geared to be the best. She tries hardt not to quest. She has 4 mounts, the gray Kodo, the white Kodo, the Brewfest Kodo, and the Black War Kodo. The only mount she has is not a Kodo is the Vicious War Wolf, which she worked hard to earn. She collects hats. She is a 525 Alchemist and Herbalist, and can cook for Thanksgiving. She is proud to be Tauren. Her goal is to reach 2200 in RBG ratings.

Pualani, the 71 Blood Elf Priest. She levels fast and with gusto, using Call to Arms as her main leveling tool. She is Discipline main spec’d with a Shadow off spec. She spends her out of queue times leveling Mining and Jewel Crafting. She plans to dominate the world and make tons of money with her lucrative professions.

Kaarina is my neglected level 43 undead mage. I actually created her before Davinna, but she never caught on. You can find her sulking in Under City, contemplating how she is going to get her BoA’s back from Pua, and what spec will make her playable. She is currently a Tailor and Enchanter, but if she continues to not level, she may be forced to give those professions to an alt that will make it to 80.

Tabithinia, the first toon. Tabi, a level 31 Drainia hunter, lives on the Alliance side of Tichindrious. She was abandoned when I went horde, and is now only used to make cross faction AH transitions and to pave the way if there are Alliance ganking issues. I cry when I look at her UI, as key’s 1, 2, and 3 are all set to melee attacks.

Tabathine from WHU. This Taba is a level 21 Dwarf Hunter who lives on the Icecrown server. She is apart of a huge all dwarf hunter guild called the Warcraft Hunters Union. All the hunters (around 800 of us) level together and log in to do some pretty epic events. She should be level 65, but I have been lazy in her leveling and have fallen behind.


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