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Cata Day One Picture Post!

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , , , on December 8, 2010 by Tabathine

This is my first expansion for World of Warcraft, and I was really fricken excited. I had purchased the Digital copy, and was one of the hundreds (thousands, more likely, on my server) that was waiting in-game for Cata to arrive, watching that clock tick down. Or I guess up. Whatever way, I was there. And here is my Picture Post of how things went for me:

12:01 am CATA!!!!!!! Ok, so Blizz actually announced Cata being open at I think 12:03, and the screen shot is timed, at 12:02, but I paused the chats at 12:01. I don’t know what I was thinking, being up by the Flight Master area. The lag was terribibble.


Then we all had to log off and log back on. Oh joy. That took a good 20 minutes of continuous D’Cing and loading screens and general frustration, but I had a ton of snacks by my side, was dressed nice and cozy, and was mentally prepared for that, so all in all not too bad. Continue reading


The Tiny Fawn Joins The Family!

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , , , , , , on December 3, 2010 by Tabathine

Thats right! Taba reched the 75 pet mark, which instantly got me to 76 pets! A little reseach, a friend, and some great luck got her to this point way faster than I was anticipating.

For all you (horde) pet collectors out there: Cata has brought another buyable pet! (Alliance have to do some sort of quest for it). Withers the tree. Reminds me of Davi’s old tree form, which I want back, but the glyph costs around 285 gold on the AH. I hate you inscriptors. But there is no faction grind, no quest chain, just visit the NPC and fork over 30 silver. But yes, there is a catch: It’s in Darkshore, which is a pain to get to, especially since they took out the FP on the western part of Felwood. I like going the Darkshore, vs the fallowing the path Ashenvale way, because is faster, but if you have no version of soft fall, which, as a Hunter, Taba doesn’t, then jumping down the waterfalls can hurt. Bad. I think I hit below 20% health from falling at least 4 times. And then with all the changes to that area, it’s quite a trek. I’m sure you COULD wait for Cata to come, and then simply fly there, but where is the adventure in that? And I don’t have that type of patience. There is also way cool whirlpool thing on the way that, had I not already been on a mission, I would have so jumped into, just to see what happens. Apothecary Furrows, who lives in a cave set behind a waterfall, sells him.

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Oh Wow. Just… WoW

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on November 27, 2010 by Tabathine

Flying back from Winterspring to Org I had a huge WTF moment (I had ben searching for an abandoned pet to readopt, ended up picking up a totally new pet, more oh that later). I now present to you my WTF moment:

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Pet number 67: The Tiny Sporebat!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on November 11, 2010 by Tabathine

So I finally did it. I went from non-exsistant to exalted with Sporggar rep just for a pet. And yes, it was worth it. Granted if I have to farm another damn sanguine hibiscus, I will sic my new huge ass tank pet on the the world (she’s a bear, and literally has a huge arse). The Naga in the area can tell you how painful that can be. And since I got sick of farming those flowers, I ended up spending a ton of gold at the AH attempting to buy myself those last 90. I bought out the AH on Tuesday, at 2G-ish per hubiscus, only to discover that by doing so, I jacked up the AH prices to 9G each by Thursday. Don’t you just love the AH? I ended up spamming Trade Chat offering 5G per. I was actually surprised at how many people had some in their bags. And then I was exalted! And it was worth it! What’s even better it that it’s one of the few that has a tamable larger counterpart. So meet the newest member (as yet unnamed) of Taba’s pet family, and vanity pet number 67!

Next: the Sha’tari Skyguard rep grind. I heard the road will be long and hard, but the payoff high. Apparently you can get both a minipet AND a mount!

Yay! I Can play WoW Again! Erm… Now What?

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , on October 17, 2010 by Tabathine

So I finally got my WoW back, after a frustrating week of it being broken. And I was more than excited to get back to playing, until I actually logged in. After saying hi to guildies and getting freaked out about having a shadow, I realized that I did not at all know how to even begin fixing Tabathine. She was missing almost all her spells, and my usually choke full bars were strangely empty. I couldn’t find my pets, vanity pets, or mounts, and why the hell was ‘j’ not bring up my guild tab?

Then a small part of my brain squeaked out ‘training’ amongst all the clutter, and thats where I went. My go-to-for-hunter-help website,, once again saved my arse, and I had Taba somewhat fixed up, although I was still having issues with all the blank space. in the action bars area. What do you mean I don’t need all four bars? I’m a hunter! I need ALL my bars filled!. Herm. No more need to put my aspects on them? Ok then. What? These spells are gone as well? Well, I guess I didn’t really use them. Continue reading