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Chat Screenshots

Posted in Chat Screenshots with tags , , , , , on November 17, 2010 by Tabathine

So many funny things get said in general, party, guild and trade chat that I wanted to dedicate a page just to screen shots of these conversations. However, I couldn’t figure out how to do that, so it’s mashed into all my other posts. I will figure out how to in time, but it’s 4am, so yeah… not going to happen tonight.

Times are approximate and given in server time (which is Cali time), Enjoy!

Chat screenshot: 2am 11/17/10



King Slaying, Rats, and Not Doing Quests

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , , , , on November 16, 2010 by Tabathine

So first and foremost: Davinna is now a King Slayer!

Yup. We (being my guild, Always Saturday) finally killed the bastard. And I have the title to prove it. That I was there was kind of a fluke, and I am so happy for that fluke. We were scheduled to (attempt to) take him down on the 6th, but when that day came I really didn’t want to as Tika ended up dying that morning (see previous post). Really, all I wanted to do was cry that day. And I was short on time as my mom was coming into town, and well, and she hated WoW. I say hated, not hates. More on that in a bit. We were also missing one of our main tanks and a strong dps due to them living in India and it was some sort of holiday which required them to be with family. But attempt to kill that damn Lich King we did! And we failed! Over and over and over. I finally had to leave because my mom arrived. Which kind of sucked because we were really really close to getting him down. Really close.

The next day I logged in to find that the raid had been extended. I had already missed the first 2 hours of wipes. But lucky for me, the pug heals bailed, and I was in! Not 1/2 hour later he was down (I would love to say that it was because of my mad heals, but it was more to everyone finally getting all the kinks worked and me being able to reap the benefits). I got super excited and started squealing and clapping my hands, which made my mom get excited, despite the fact that she had no clue what was going on. Thus the crack was made towards her not hating WoW, simply because she saw that I really like playing it. She was also trying to prove that her and my dad moving to where I live would not disrupt my life. Yeah… not going to happen. But anyways, WE GOT HIM DOWN!!!!!!!! BEFORE CATA!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

Family Not Understanding World of Warcraft

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My mom is coming into town. While a huge part of me is going “YaY! Mom! (I was never one to call my mom mommy) Can I have a backrub? (She gives excellent back rubs)”, another part of me is going, “Ah shit. What am I going to do about WoW?”

My mom hates World of Warcraft. Not that she’s ever even tried to understand it. She saw some show on Opera or Dr. Phil about MMO games being bad bad bad, and World of Warcraft was mention as one of the leading ones. It didn’t help that she thought gaming in general bad even before that. I did get a Gameboy for my 12th birthday, but that was from my dad (using my mom’s money tho, lol), and my mom couldn’t say shit because I was going though health issues, and really, I think she was glad I had something to distract me. She doesn’t understand that I have friends online, or that it basically to the place of time that I spent in front of the TV, randomly browsing sites online, or sleeping. It simple replaced my other time wasting activities. And she doesn’t get that the people are real people that I get to know.

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Excitingness in WoW

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Recap! A lot has happened this last day and a half. Major MAJOR WoW stuff. Ok. Not even close to major. But each event got me really excited.

Firstly, I created a priest. I always said that priests were one of the few classes that I wasn’t enterested in. I didn’t dislike them, but I didn’t like them either. Then Davinna dueled a Discipline Priest for well over 20 minutes before we finally called it a tie, and that got my attention. The Call to Arms is Warsong Gulch, so it’s the perfect time to create an alt. And my lvl 12 rogue, who I so wish I was good at, was irritating me. I actually made my priest as a trash toon, meaning I had no intention of working to lvl her, and just play her when I’m bored. But it turns out I LOVE being a priest. It just fits. The HoT’s and DoT’s, the look, and even the name. For me, naming a toon of mine is a big thing. Usually, once I decided on a race and class, I will muse, often times for days, over a suitable name. This toon I dubbed Pualani with barely any thought. And she is well on her way to level 23! I can’t believe I created her only two days ago. I love WSG weekends.

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