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The Night Before the Patch

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 23, 2010 by Tabathine

For me, things in WoW seem to happen in 3’s. Todays 3, coming on the eve of patch 4.0.3, is as follows:

I have taken over as Guild Master of my guild, Always Saturday. It’s not a permanent position, but I am to treat it as if I am not just acting GM. Unfortunately Krisna (the real AS GM), has¬†some RL stuff going on, and he isn’t sure how his internet status is going to be, among other things. He asked me to be stand in GM, and while I don’t know if I have all it takes (can someone please tell me what is takes? is there some sort of GM handbook?), it’s a challenge I am looking forward to. I have been an officer in my guild since it started back in Aprilish, and I love how it has grown. I hope to god that I don’t screw it up. I also have to figure out how to trick someone into the Raid Leader position, as I am a terribibble RL. OK, not true, I just don’t want to be RL. It’s to stressful. However as GM, it is my responsibility to make sure we do raid, so RL or no, we are radeing on Saturday, just like always. I have even found 2 DK tanks if needed. On the upside, Krisna always changed our tabards colors every Tuesday, and that power is now mine! Buahahahaha! We’ll be seeing a lot more ¬†purple. But no pink. I am one of 2 girls in my guild, and I rather not face a mutiny just yet. Continue reading


Another WoWless Day

Posted in Rants, WoW with tags , , on October 15, 2010 by Tabathine

Well, it’s getting easier to accept another WoW free day. Slightly. I still check my computer every 1/2 hour or so, hoping that by some miracle everything will be patched up and perfect. But it’s no longer the ARG! of 3 days ago, and more the resigned /sigh of one who has accepted her fate: my patch shall never download properly and I shall be forced to look at that downloading screen for eternity and beyond. Ok, at least for a few more days.

This week has been one of horror regarding World of Warcraft. I put off finding a ICC pug for Tabathine, my main, to run (Davinna,my alt, ran with our guild because we need a healer) and ended up not being able to find one at all for her. Then Monday night I was forced to say goodbye to Davi’s tree from, which I had truly grown to love. The tree’s of Tichondrious had a fair well gathering at the fountain, and now I wish I had taken a screen shot or six of it. Continue reading

The Day That Was Terribad, But Really Not Too Too Bad

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Yesterday was patch Tuesday. You can read how that went in my post below. Today is Wednesday the 13th, which I think is somehow related to Friday the 13th, because is was a day full of mishaps. To start off: I woke up and put on the wrong things to wear that day. I dressed warm: jeans,long sleeved shirt, long black trench coat jacket type thing, and for good measure I threw a pair of fuzzy socks into my park bag. Just FYI, on days I don’t work, I spend a good portion of my time at the park for the benefit of my dog, who is forced to stay indoors on the days I do work. I live in a basement, with no windows leading to the true outdoors, and there for had no way of knowing that it was bright, sunny, and really really hot. I have simply convinced myself that it is winter and therefor it will be cold, dammit.

My dog also decided that he wanted to leave me a effyouforsleepinginuntilnoon present: a poo on the carpet. TY for that dear Luna. Luna was delayed further from his park by my forgetting my sarong, which I MUST have to lay on in the grass. That gave me the opportunity to get rid of the jacket. But along with my slight backtrack came my co-workers plee that I watch the store for 20 min while she goes to pick up her sick daughter from school (another FYI: where I live is in the basement of where I work. Great commute? Hell yeah. Possible pain in the ass? Hell yeah again) I couln’t say no, I mean really, I was off to the park, not some urgent appointment.

So it wasn’t until 1ish that I finally made my way to the park, stopping on my way to pick up my breakfast: Hawaii’s best cream puff (the island, not the state, as Komodo’s has damn good creme puffs too). Ok, so this was not terribad. Sunny day, yummy creme puff, great book. Actually pretty good. Then Luna has to go and get himself missing. Continue reading