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Family Not Understanding World of Warcraft

Posted in Uncategorized, WoW with tags , , , , , , on November 3, 2010 by Tabathine

My mom is coming into town. While a huge part of me is going “YaY! Mom! (I was never one to call my mom mommy) Can I have a backrub? (She gives excellent back rubs)”, another part of me is going, “Ah shit. What am I going to do about WoW?”

My mom hates World of Warcraft. Not that she’s ever even tried to understand it. She saw some show on Opera or Dr. Phil about MMO games being bad bad bad, and World of Warcraft was mention as one of the leading ones. It didn’t help that she thought gaming in general bad even before that. I did get a Gameboy for my 12th birthday, but that was from my dad (using my mom’s money tho, lol), and my mom couldn’t say shit because I was going though health issues, and really, I think she was glad I had something to distract me. She doesn’t understand that I have friends online, or that it basically to the place of time that I spent in front of the TV, randomly browsing sites online, or sleeping. It simple replaced my other time wasting activities. And she doesn’t get that the people are real people that I get to know.

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