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Fishy Fish

Posted in Food with tags , on October 14, 2010 by Tabathine

I tried sardines for the first time today. And OMG are they fishy. I never really understood what someone meant when they said they didn’t like fish because it has to much of a ‘fishy taste’. I always assumed they simply had not given fish a fair chance. No. They simply must have been force fed sardines as a child. I love Mahimahi, Ahi (raw, not cooked), salmon, and a few others. I like the other types of fish. But I think I dislike sardines. Oh, ¬†also dislike… gah. the name is eluding me.

Anyways. I just can’t handle the fishieness of sardines. I thought I would try them mixed in my rice, give it some sort of ‘substance’. Continue reading