Like My New Blog Banner?

Well, this blog originally started out basically without a focus,or with a focus on everything; but clearly it is turning out to be a blog mainly pertaining to World of Warcraft. So I decided to make it a new banner header! I took some screen shots in-game, fired up my seldom used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software, and quite a few hours later (I was constantly being interrupted my Desperate Housewives, don’t judge)… Walah! I am quite proud. It turned out WAY better than I was expecting, although I might change the background, as I think I have seen another WoW blog who’s banner also had Crystalsong Forrest in the background. Any ideas on what might be a nice background spot? That’s not very populated?

This does not mean I am constricting myself to only World of Warcraft musings here. But if the shoes fits, I might as well, um… Ok, bad whatever you call it, analogy? To make my point I just want to say that I spent five minutes today watching a bird take a bath in a puddle on the side of the road. It was so fricken cute. This is another don’t judge moment. Anywhoo. I had fun playing with Adobe again, and I think I’ll figure out some more things I can do with it and WoW. And now back to my Desprate Housewives. Oh, and anyone have ideas for what TV series I should watch next on Hulu? I’ve already fished the Glee and House episodes they have 😉


2 Responses to “Like My New Blog Banner?”

  1. I like your banner. It’s a clever use of Crystalsong Forest with the two sides symbolizing your two characters. I’d say keep it!

  2. Krisna Mage Says:

    You are both a hottie and a cow… irony.

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