Cata Day One Picture Post!

This is my first expansion for World of Warcraft, and I was really fricken excited. I had purchased the Digital copy, and was one of the hundreds (thousands, more likely, on my server) that was waiting in-game for Cata to arrive, watching that clock tick down. Or I guess up. Whatever way, I was there. And here is my Picture Post of how things went for me:

12:01 am CATA!!!!!!! Ok, so Blizz actually announced Cata being open at I think 12:03, and the screen shot is timed, at 12:02, but I paused the chats at 12:01. I don’t know what I was thinking, being up by the Flight Master area. The lag was terribibble.


Then we all had to log off and log back on. Oh joy. That took a good 20 minutes of continuous D’Cing and loading screens and general frustration, but I had a ton of snacks by my side, was dressed nice and cozy, and was mentally prepared for that, so all in all not too bad.

What was bad was trying to get my flight licenses. People love to be jerks, and whats a better way to be a class A jerk than to sit on your giant ass mammoth on the Flight master. Times that by three class A jerks, and add in a few Class A+ jerks who get their Flight Licenses, but instead of flying off, sit on tom of the mammoths as well, making it impossible to find the guy, and you get a ton of thoroughly irritated people, myself included. Someone finally figured out the Flight Masters name, thus making him targetable, and after binding Interact with Target to a Key, I was able to get my license and fly off into the night. Sorry, no screen shot off that horror.


After all that mayhem, I need some R&R, so:

Taba went swimming! there was only one other guy there, sitting on a floaty when i arrived, and it was quite peaceful. Still not sure what this is supposed to be, but it’s a nice place to hang out. Oh, and Taba is indeed wearing Precious’s Ribbon =)


I then picked up that quest that took you to the ship, and a giant Octopus attacks the ship, and you drown. Well, apparently you are supposed to be saved, but our entire boat glitched, and it was one mass drowning. We all managed to get back to our bodies, which were off the coast of Feralas for some reason, but no one knew what to do from there, and so I went back to Org and picked up the starting quest chain for Mt. Hyjal.


What a site greeted me upon arriving there:

Those are all bodies that were killed by other players. Talk about major ganking.

And more bodies.



Taba is dead here.

We had to kill rock elementals for one of the quests, and their crushed bodies were also everywhere. I died from one when I was taking the screen pic.


I think no one knew what to do here, and everyone stood in fire.


Unlike most people, I don’t want to replace my gear. I like my hard earned purples, and am quite relived when the quest rewards are nothing I could use. So when I am quite sad that this green will be replacing my Zod’s Repeating Longbow. Plus it’s a gun. I hate guns. Too noisy. How am I supposed to not scare away animals when I am shooting off that thing?


After a while I tried out the underwater part again, but by then it was past 4am, so after doing one quest there (no glitch this time) I decided to do that later with a friend.


So now, after some IRL R&R, it’s back to exploring/leveling. I had the time to do this post because of 

When I started it I was number 1000somthing in the que 🙂


One more note: For the last few months I have been struggling with who to take to 80 first, Taba or Davi. It was agonizing. I went through the pro’s and con’s, asked advice, compared heart over head. But when it came down to it, there was no if’s and’s or but’s. I logged in as Taba without thinking about it, and left all but Arora in my stables. In the end, I am a hunter at heart.


2 Responses to “Cata Day One Picture Post!”

  1. On Garrosh had no such issues. We rarely have queues. Plus its a normal and not a pvp so no mass body scenes for us. World pvp was kept to a minimum as most people just wanted to level up. I’ve made over 30k gold on mats in one week, selling ore and herbs. Was a good week for me, but I may not stick around for it all.

  2. Haha good post. As I’m not on a PvP server we don’t get those mass killing sprees, sure looks crazy!

    I had to replace most of my gear as well, still sitting on a few old epics now that I’m 85, but I actually turned around and now I just want to get rid of them. Will take some work though.
    I hope Tabathine is coming along well.

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